LA Idol Sizing

LA Idol jeans offer an affordable yet good quality denim range which boasts bootcut and skinny jeans as well as capri's and shorts. 

If you have had Cowgirl Tuff jeans before please use the below size conversion chart to work out your size in LA Idol. 

Alternatively you can view the Jeans Brands Comparison page to compare other brands or you could also visit our Cowgirl Tuff Sizing page and work out your Cowgirl Tuff size and then use the below chart to work out which size you would be in LA Idol.

As always, we are here to help! If you need any assistance with sizing please call our Rockhampton store on 0432 428 363.

 Cowgirl Tuff Size LA Idol Size
Perfect if size 24 is too big 0
24 1
25 3
26 5
27 7
28 9
29 11
30 13
31 15


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