Jeans Brand Comparison Chart

From year's of selling jeans I have a sound knowledge of the size comparison between many brands of jeans! People often ask me what size they would be in a brand if they are an Australian 12 for example. My reply to this is always that Australian sizes vary too much to offer them a sound recommendation! Therefore I have not listed Australian sizes due to the variances from brand to brand/store to store. If you aren’t familiar with your size in any of the below brands please visit our Cowgirl Tuff Sizing Page to work out your Cowgirl Tuff size and then convert from there. 

If you are familiar with your size in other western brands you may find the below jeans brand comparison helpful when selecting your size in a new brand.

As always, we are here to help! If you need any assistance with sizing please call our Rockhampton store on 0432 428 363.