Kimes Ranch Jeans - Lola

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Kimes Ranch Jeans - Lola

Kimes Ranch Lola is a dark wash, true mid rise jean with a trouser cut. This jean sits just above the point of your hip but under the belly button.  It features a fitted thigh with flare leg and trouser cuff. This jean is made in America from the best quality denim which is 93% cotton, 6% polyester and 1% stretch.

Sizing Information - Please Read! 

Already have Kimes Ranch jeans? - You will wear the same size in this jean as you do in other Kimes Ranch jeans. 

Don't know your size? The easiest way to work it out is to convert from your 2% stretch Cowgirl Tuff size using the conversion chart which is in the product images. If you don't know your Cowgirl Tuff size, use this video to work it out

Leg Length - Trouser cut jeans are not like bootcut jeans. You don't get 'scrunch' you get 'drag'. Because they are wide at the bottom they won't sit up on your boot, they will sit over it so anything longer than the actual length of your inside leg is going to drag. If you want them for riding you can go longer and cuff the bottom hem up when walking around. To work out the length you need just measure your inside leg from croutch to the floor in inches. If your leg measures 32 get a 32, if it measures 33 get a 34 etc. 

Want to know our models measurements? You can find them here.
Kate (video and image 4) is wearing a size 2x32
Linda (image 5) is wearing a size 16x32
Ella (image 6) is wearing a size 000x32
Image 7 is a Kimes Ranch stock image and we don't have model measurements

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Size: 000 x 30